Butterfly Remote: Everything in your mobile

Pikosystems and Imagetalk have developed a home and environmental control system, where home automation functionality and user interface has been implanted in a mobile phone. Butterfly Remote contains a Bluetooth-to-infrared link unit and a remote control software running on Symbian Series60 devices, such as Nokia 6600 and NGage QD game phone.

Butterfly Remote is easy to setup and use. The Bluetooth link is built into a small box, which can be mounted on wall or ceiling. The functions and devices, which you want to control, can be grouped in the Butterfly Remote software into folders according to the desires and preferences of the user. Butterfly Remote is an excellent tool for steering doors, lights, home appliances, home electronics and various electricity-driven assistive devices. It can be used together with other steering methods.

Butterfly Remote turns inputs from the mobile phone over the Bluetooth link to infrared commands. Visual contact with the controlled device is not necessary. You just need to be in the link range. The Bluetooth link takes care of beaming the infrared to your devices of choice. When you receive a phone call, Butterfly Remote stays on top, and you can for instance mute your television or your DVD player.

All Butterfly Remote steering commands are shown as symbols. You can use the teaching mode to store the desired infrared commands in the Bluetooth link without additional tools. The software is operated with the five-way navigation button and two function buttons, and is easy to learn.

Technical data:

  • Size of link box: 85mm x 56mm x 23mm
  • Range: 20 meters radius
  • Command amount: 150 commands
  • Predefined infrared commands: Siemens, Ensto, Bang&Olufsen and many others.
  • Compatibility: All infrared-enabled devices, such as IR-phones, entertainment electronics, door openers, light switches and electric sockets.

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