Install Book Editor

Imagetalk® Book Editor is a Java application. Make sure you have Java installed on your workstation. You can easily get Java here. Download the all-new Imagetalk® Book Editor to your workstation to create customized symbol books. Note that Book Editor works at the moment only with Symbol Writer, Butterfly Remote and Televagt SwanMobile applications.

Download symbol libraries

You can use the following symbol libraries in Imagetalk Book Editor. The same library file contains all the available languages. We are continuosly expandind the list of libraries, so come back and check the availability soon. Note that commercial libraries require a paid licence when symbol books are transfered to the end user device.

Download and save the library in the Imagetalk folder of your home directory. Depending on the operating system the Imagetalk folder can be found as follows:

Windows XP/2000: C:\Documents and settings\"username"\imagetalk

Windows 98 ym.: C:\Windows\imagetalk

The Imagetalk folder exists in your system only after you have launched the Book Editor application.

Imagetalk library
Imagetalk PCS
Pictogram library
Imagetalk Bliss
Symbols for Butterfly Remote