What is Imagetalk?

Imagetalk is assistive software for mobile and face-to-face communication, calendaring, speech therapy, and for learning to read, write and talk. It is the first of its kind. Imagetalk helps to interpret messages with the assistance of icons and speech synthesis. Imagetalk is for those of us with speech and language disorders.

Imagetalk runs on various devices from smartphones and pocket computers to full-fledged desktops.

Imagetalk messages can have many purposes. You can send a message to your communication partner, who you choose by picture. Your can save a message, such as a shopping list, for face-to-face situations. Or you can place it with a time stamp in your calendar. And whenever you want you can let the speech synthesizer talk the message.

You compose the message simply by selecting icons from your personal icon book. The icons can be on consequtive pages or arranged in folders. You can use the alphanumeric virtual keyboard to modify icon text or type entirely new one, and include simple calculations in your messages with the calculator. You can even enlarge the icon in the Info view to be certain of your selection.

You can use icons from common symbol libraries, combined with icons made particularly for you from photos and drawings. Imagetalk adapts to the needs, preferences and capacities of each user.

Imagetalk enables communication regardless of time and place. Thanks to the small size of modern mobile devices, Imagetalk is easy to carry along for calendaring and face-to-face communication. Thanks to the mobile networks you can communicate with persons "over the air". Imagetalk supports true mobility in all senses.

Keeping time is a key issue for all of us. Time-stamped calendar messages form a daily structure, which helps to organize and remember happenings and tasks in time order. A visual time bar shows how much time is left to the next event. If a calendar message has been defined with a security option, Imagetalk sends an SOS-alert if you haven't reacted on the message within a certain time frame.

Imagetalk Assistant running on any Internet-enabled personal computer, is a tool for creating and editing the content of user-specific icon books, for defining communication partners and for creating own icons, among others. Registered assistants can automatically share books and libraries over the internet with the help of Imagetalk Server.

Imagetalk is fun to use. And when you get tired of selecting icons to your messages, you can listen to your favorite music with the Imagetalk sound player. Or you can switch to translate mode and check out how to pronounce some common phrases in another language. Some amusing and educating memory games coming soon, too. Just imagine....

Imagetalk brochure in English as pdf-file
Imagetalk brochure in Norwegian as pdf-file

Images from Imagetalk-animation: "If you can't talk..."