Here you find answers to frequently asked questions related to Imagetalk Symbol Writer and Book Editor software. Please submit your questions to Imagetalk support.

Q: How do I make a shortcut icon for Imagetalk Book Editor, so that I don't have to always reload it from Imagetalk web site?

A: If Java Web Start doesn't add the Imagetalk Book Editor shortcut icon automatically to the desktop and/or Start-menu, you can do it manually as follows:

Open Java Cache Viewer program. Depending on your Windows and Java version you find it either from Start > Settings > Control Panel > Java > General > View (a button at the bottom of the window) or by typing the command: javaws -viewer.

In Java Cache Viewer window select "Imagetalk Book Editor" and right-click and select "Install Shortcuts". This adds the Book Editor icon on the desktop and in the Start menu.

Q: I loaded the application and it works very well. But when I press the application key of the Nokia 7710 device, it takes me to the dial window of the application and not out to the main window of the phone. I cannot get out of the Imagetalk dial window unless I reset the phone.

A: Closing Imagetalk Symbol Writer application is protected with a four-digit pin code. This is a safety feature for the user, and required in many countries by the authorities. But if you know the pin code, you can easily close Symbol Writer and access other applications on your phone.

Q: I updated Symbol Writer, and now I cannot access other modes than the Symbol book and cannot open the menu. What has happened?

A: Sorry for the inconvenience. From this on we will provide each software update with appropriate release notes. We did an ergonomy improvement in version 1.8 based on user request and our own observations. Many users hit especially mode button when they navigated back from dynamic folders, because the back button is closest to mode button. We have used "press until" for additional functions, like getting info and deleting the whole message. Thus, we made mode and menu buttons work the same way. You keep the mode button pressed until the the mode appears, and you keep the menu button pressed until the menu appears. Quite easy when you realize it, and avoids effectively moving to unwanted views by accident.

Q: I updated the symbol book of my son to the device, and now Imagetalk does not speak. It spoke very well with the demo book in the same language. What is wrong?

A: The most obvious reason is, that you have a wrong default language setting in your licence. The symbol book language and the installed speech language must be the same. Open Book Editor Update dialog, and check the source language. If wrong, change it to your language and update again. If that does not work, please contact your distributor or